Trillium takes great pride in the relationships we establish and maintain with our Clients. With over 20 years experience handling a wide range of projects, we can smooth out the sometimes tumultuous process of building or remodeling to afford our Clientele the opportunity to concentrate on issues most important to them. We excel in our ability to complete projects on time with outstanding quality, a closely monitored budget, and the drive to oversee every last detail.

Constant, clear communication between Trillium and our Clients is essential, given the vast amount of decision making during the planning and building stages. We encourage questions and open discussion to exchange as much information as possible so your new environment is truly customized for you. We operate as a team and want your experience throughout the project to be as pleasant and rewarding as it is for us here at Trillium.

The quality of any project is dependent on both the craftsmen and materials chosen. Trillium carefully selects a team of experienced subcontractors who consistently meet our high standards. In turn, we provide the support and direction necessary to integrate the components of building as efficiently as possible.

Trillium understands how important it is to finish a project on time and within budget. We plan and provide a realistic project schedule that pushes for completion at a rapid pace. The same consideration is taken with budget planning, and Clients receive an accurate, detailed list of all costs associated with the project. Whenever you request a change or addition to the plan, we provide updated cost to completion information as necessary. This leaves you in control of the budget with no surprises at the end.

Seeing a project through to the very last detail is the most difficult part of a contractor’s job, yet the most critical for successful completion. The large scale combination of people and materials always creates a list of items needing attention at the end. These items are commonly left unfinished, tarnishing the end result. We take pride in a completed project to the last detail; completed to your satisfaction.